Frequently asked questions

How are you different to all the other PPC agencies?

20+ years experience in marketing and six sigma combined. The insight we had was advertising was a process, and if you know six sigma, you know all processes can be controlled and systematically improved. We rely on data and indepth analysis and ALL our AB test, optimization actions are driven by data. We do not suck our thumbs and hope for the best.

Do you really have a money back gaurantee?

Short answer - Yes! Long answer - Yes we do. If we cannot make you money, we won't take your money. But if we fail to make you money, we'll refund you for our services. Simple and straight forward, no fine print. With this type of gaurantee, we become selective with our clients. We like to work with mutual trust. You trust us to do our best for you, we trust you to not take advantage of our belief in the good in people trying to build businesses.

What are your prices?

Our typical rate for managing a client account is $750 per month + 7% of ad spend up to $100k per ad spend. At which point we advise you to hire someone in-house full time, and we take a step back as an advisor for that person. For one off analytical deep dives and campaign set ups, that ranges between $2000 - $5000 For Agencies, we typically charge between $2000 - $5000 per month depending on the number of clients and depth of work.

Besides PPC Optimization what else can you help me with?

- Analytics Implementation and review (Google, Facebook, Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc) - Reporting Automation and custom analysis pipeline - Churn Management Analysis - Campaign Structure design and deployment - White Label reporting (for agencies) - Data Architecture design and implementation (for agencies) - Attribution Model design and implementation (for agencies and large $200k ad spend businesses)

Is this going to work for my company?

Yes, but it depends. It depends on how well you will trust the process and a data driven approach and can stick to a predetermined plan. At the beginning of the engagement, we normally have key milestones that are laid out. These, milestones, depend on the current state of your paid advertising performance and what you hope to achieve and the resources to be deployed to meet those goals. Having said all that, some projects fail, they may fail due to no market demand, they may fail due to not finding the market before runway runs out, they may fail due to product life cycle (We wouldn't take on the AT&T rotary phone account for example). In our experience we have found we will know this quickly and we can have a conversation about the right way forward.